out & About 172There are over 30 discovered Anguilla beaches on the beautiful but small island of Anguilla in the Caribbean while many other beaches are found on the offshore cayes or islands just off Anguilla. Each and every Anguilla beach is a white sand beach, and this is due to the coral make up of the island and Anguilla is known worldwide for its miles of pristine Anguilla beaches which are not over run and packed with tourists.

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Anguilla beaches are all public and there are strict rules against topless or nude bathing; it is not permitted. Anguilla’s beaches are public but there are no security features such as lifeguards in place, so swimming is at one’s own discretion. Beaches in Anguilla are generally un-crowded and most are suitable for swimming, sunbathing and leisure walks. The shallow waters are ideal for family swimming. In the northern end of the island, the seas tend to be rougher and caution is required when swimming or snorkeling. Visitors to Anguilla will finds an Anguilla beach or two where swimming is not recommended, such as Windward Point Bay, where water is very rough, but such Anguilla beaches ( few and far) can be appreciated for the spectacular and breathtaking scenery which is perfect for long strolls and picnics.

Anguilla beaches can be found along the entire coastline of the island facing both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the crescent shape of the island there is a gentle ocean current and swimming is relatively safe. In Anguilla, ‘beach hopping’ is a familiar term to Anguillans who take advantage of this great natural resource as part of their daily lifestyle.

Visiting any Anguilla beach can be done at any time of year. Anguilla is in the Caribbean but is set away from the direct hurricane belt and enjoys year round tropical climate. The days are awash with cool tropical breezes and the nights temperatures drop to comfortable temperate lows. Spending time on any Anguilla beach at certain locations, the sun’s setting or rising can create quite a stir and beach barbecues and sunset activities are very popular local entertainments, as is the full moon party on any one of the many Anguilla beaches.

Anguilla beaches are distinct from each other by the various land and rock formations that make up the coastal landscape. The tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea and the inviting refreshing waters of the Atlantic Ocean with the solitude and quiet set the Anguilla beaches apart.

Many of Anguilla beach resorts and Anguilla hotels and other Anguilla accommodations are located on beaches and this includes most of the island’s local entertainment as well. Bars and fine restaurants and dining establishments are located on Anguilla beaches whereby guests can enjoy all three features: the beach, the food and the life of Anguilla all at once.

However, when visiting any Anguilla beach, be sure to pack the essentials: sun block, water, sunglasses, food and the recreational items to take advantage of the best snorkeling and swimming in the world. Anguilla beaches are either remotely or publicly located, so it is therefore necessary to always err on the side of caution to protect all valuables when visiting the beaches in Anguilla, although the country is safe and its people are hospitable and very warm. Note: when swimming it is most important to observe sea and weather conditions before entering the water.

There are long beaches, small isolated beaches and wide beaches all made up of clean powdery white sand. A few Anguilla beaches are located in remote and somewhat private areas. Some of the Anguilla Beaches with activities and accommodation found on that beach are listed here.

The directions given for most of the beaches listed here have one thing in common: The starting point is the parking lot of the Wall Blake Airport in Anguilla. It is also handy to have a map of island with beaches marked out for better assistance. Anguilla is divided into three main areas Anguilla West and Anguilla East and the Valley.