COC Certificate of Incorporation Anguilla Company or International Business Company also known as an International Business Corporation- hence the contraction IBC- is an international company registered in Anguilla but not permitted to conduct business in Anguilla or with or on behalf of residents of Anguilla. These types of companies are more commonly called “offshore companies”.

Anguilla offshore companies are registered with the Registrar of Companies and incorporation and Anguilla offshore company formation can take as little as one day. The activities and structure of the Anguilla offshore company/Anguilla IBC are regulated by the by International Business Companies Act of Anguilla.

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Anguilla Offshore companies can only be incorporated through a registered agent. In order to incorporate Anguilla offshore companies, the beneficial owners of the proposed offshore company (IBC) must submit (through the appointed agent) a completed Articles of Incorporation. This document forms the basis of the Anguilla offshore company and is presented to the Registrar of Companies in Anguilla.

The Articles of Incorporation of an Anguilla IBC contains the name of the company, address and name of the registered agent, classes of shares to be distributed and if there are classes of shares the rights, privileges and restrictions affixed to each share, a document stating whether or not the transfer of shares is restricted and restrictions if there are any as to what type of business that the Anguilla offshore company can or cannot conduct.

IBCs or Offshore Companies in Anguilla can only be incorporated by persons who are eighteen (18) years or older and who are of sound mind. An individual who has declared bankruptcy cannot be the beneficial owner of or own interest in an Anguilla Offshore Company. Once the necessary requirements for incorporation of the offshore company are met, a Certificate of Incorporation for the Anguilla IBC is granted.

In addition to the details set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation for the IBC incorporated in Anguilla, there are other conditions which must be satisfied for incorporation. For example, the proposed Anguilla IBC must have as the ending of the company’s name, one of the following or an approved abbreviation: Limited, Corporation, Incorporation, Sociedad Anónima, Société Anonyme, Société à Responsabilitée Limitée or Belosten Vennootschap. An Anguilla offshore company will not be incorporated if its name suggests any link to the Royal Family of Great Britain, a Government Department of the United Kingdom or any political party or leader.

Once incorporated, Anguilla offshore companies/IBCs cannot conduct business for or on behalf of residents of Anguilla. The Anguilla company/IBC can only carry out certain types of business if it is licensed to do business in that area as specified in the by-laws of company and approved by the Act. Anguilla offshore companies cannot offer banking or banking services or act as insurance agents, brokers or managers and must be issued with the corresponding license in order to offer any of these offshore services.

An Anguilla offshore company cannot own property or interest in real estate in Anguilla, however, the Anguilla IBC Act provides that IBC’s can lease property to be used as office space. International Business Companies can make deposits or receive loans from banks registered under the Banking Ordinance or Offshore Banks licensed under the Trust Company and Offshore Banking Act. An Anguilla offshore company can request and contract the services of Anguilla professionals such as lawyers, bookkeepers, accountants and business advisors.

The flexibility of structure in the Anguilla offshore Company is one of the many advantages of an IBC over a local company. Anguilla offshore companies may have only one director and one shareholder where shareholder and director can be the same person. According to the Anguilla IBC Act a director can be an individual or a corporate body. For an Anguilla Offshore Company there is no minimum share capital and shares can be issued in any currency or currencies accepted by the Registrar of Companies. Shares may be issued in different categories such as registered, preference or limited shares and shares with or without par value. Shares of an IBC are considered personal property by the international Business Companies act and can be distributed for cash, debt obligation or for services.

The flexibility of Anguilla offshore company/IBC with regard to international companies’ meetings, the book keeping and the record keeping is also an attractive feature of the Anguilla IBC, whereby according to the articles or the by-laws of the company, meetings may be held anywhere and anytime; accounting records required are limited to records that explain fully the transactions of the offshore company and the current financial position at the time of review; minutes of meetings shall be kept and held at the registered office of the Anguilla offshore company.

Anguilla is a true tax haven and therefore Anguilla IBCs are subject to zero taxation. Companies pay no capital gains tax, income tax, withholding tax, inheritance tax, or any other taxes on capitals gained outside of the jurisdiction of Anguilla. Stamp duty is not paid on transactions carried out by Anguilla companies and these transactions include the transfers of shares.

The names of the beneficial owners of the company are not filed with the Registrar of companies therefore this is not public record. Anguilla companies are further protected by the Confidentiality Ordinance. The Confidentiality Ordinance states that anyone (including professional, corporate body) who gives out confidential information or threatens to do so is committing an offense. Such persons are liable to heavy fines and incarceration.

An Anguilla International Business Company is flexible and confidential with the benefit of zero taxation. Registration of an Anguilla IBC is very efficient thanks to Anguilla online registration ACORN (Anguilla Companies Online Registration Network) incorporation is matter of hours.