Real Estate in Anguilla over the last decade has become very sought after. The boom in tourism on the islands exposed Anguilla as a quiet and private tourist haven. Anguilla is a anguillaforsalegem beaches, exclusive Caribbean resorts and Anguilla villas captivate people and keep them coming back year after year. Anguilla is successful in luring people to settle the island, especially North Americans and Europeans who have opted to acquire island real estate and beach real estate in Anguilla, and build holiday homes where many move over to spend the dreaded winter season.

The demand for Anguilla real estate especially Anguilla beach realestate and beach property very close to some of the world’s best beaches has increased and so has the price tag of real estate in Anguilla. But the increase in prices does not make Anguilla property unaffordable; in fact Anguilla properties are is very affordable compared to other similar islands in the Caribbean. The price is expected to increase with the hike in demand and value on the market and nonetheless Anguilla real estate options continue to offer perfect real estate investment opportunities. Anguilla real estate is highly developed due to the many investors who are setting up resorts and private holiday havens where the homes or villas are sold as part and parcel of the property development.


  • Anguilla has been heavily dependent on the services sector in addition to real estate and tourism. The incorporation of IBC’s is made easy with an online commercial network that speeds up the registration process. Offshore LLC’s are one of the popular entities registered in Anguilla and though similar to the IBC in many ways has unique features.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for information on double nationality or dual citizenship. This will greatly facilitate real estate investments and other business ventures. For nearly two decades our team of professionals has collaborated alongside established service providers who are government approved agents for second citizenship. The dual nationality program in Dominica creates an avenue for citizens of foreign countries to invest, apply to become citizens and avail themselves of investment oriented tax policies such as zero capital gains and tax incentives for business start-ups. St. Kitts also has a system known as the St. Kitts citizenship program that is well regulated and has attracted several hundreds of investors and families to the island’s shores. Estate planning can be further pursued in the light of increased property which can be bought as a new dwelling or vacation home.
  • IBC formation is a major sector in Anguilla and thus a major source of income. Anguilla IBCs are tax free and IBC formation can be performed within 24 hours provided that all requirements are met. Offshore companies can be owned by one individual who is able to operate as director and shareholder at the same time. If the IBC has other members then such positions can be distributed accordingly but one member can be bother director and shareholder. Offshore shelf companies can also be purchased instead of incorporating for quick startups and quicker company ownership. Also, after incorporation you might need to open offshore company bank account for your company.

Anguilla is a small island and the land available for sale is limited in both quantity and size, and the advantages to owning such properties are clearly obvious. Limited space in a tropical paradise? Value for money! Anguilla has thirty three (33) beaches. Since the island is small lands available for sale are either beach front property or are located within walking distance of dazzling white sand beaches which for the most part are unpopulated. Anguilla is a real estate paradise indeed! The views from almost any Anguilla real estate property are stunning and include clear views of other Caribbean islands such as St Martin, St Barts and Saba. Prime land is available for both residential, tourist and commercial purposes in Anguilla.

Anguilla real estate comprises some world class villas which are available for rent or sale. As a top holiday destination, in Anguilla there are villas available for rent year round. The Anguilla villas come furnished and some are located on secluded beaches. These villas were built to sophistication, using modern and Caribbean designs. Most villas cater to both families and individuals. What better way to escape from life’s hassle than to sit in an Anguilla villa watching the sunset. Rentals are available long term or short term and prices vary depending on the service, amenities and other features available on properties.

There are many advantages to owning real estate in Anguilla. The population of the island is very small therefore overcrowding is not an issue. The beaches and main commercial area of Anguilla are contained to small area and the network or roads facilitate easy travel. The islands small international airport gives global access. The Anguillan people are very friendly and the lifestyle is typically that of the Caribbean and very laid back. Anguilla’s can proudly boast of an extremely low crime rate considering its popularity as an upscale tourist destination and one of the worlds well known tax havens and offshore business centers. The island is in close proximity to the Dutch/French island of St. Martin considered the duty free-shopping mecca of the Caribbean. Ferry services between Anguilla and St. Martin make it easy to travel between islands.

In order for a foreigner to purchase land or property for sale in Anguilla an Alien Land Holding License is required. To obtain a license an applicant must submit an application with the following documents: a copy of pages of passport showing details, a police reference for the past 7 years (must be submitted for all countries lived in during that period of time), a reference from a bank, a reference from a public figure who has known the individual over the last seven (7) year period, four passport sized photographs and government issued tax clearance forms for both the vendor and would-be purchaser. Stamp Duty has to be paid on the Alien Land Holding License at a rate of 12.5% of the purchase price and an additional 5% transfer tax on the purchase price also has to be paid. An application fee specified by agency has to be paid upon application. All monies are paid to the Government of Anguilla. Further, persons purchasing undeveloped land must submit the proposed building plan to the Physical Planning Division and persons purchasing lands for tourist development must also submit and a business proposal and plan.

Real Estate opportunities on the island of Anguilla are limitless at this time. As more and more persons seek private and exclusive get-a-ways, Anguilla is recognized as one of those destinations which offer the privacy of ‘small island’ and the luxury of tropical climate with miles of white sand beaches and high end accommodation or holiday homes. Anguilla real estate investment can take on the form of personal residential ownership, rental properties, development for resale or for holdings, commercial development and other combinations of Anguilla real estate development.