Savannah Bay, better known as Junks Hole is an Anguilla Bay located on the the south east coast of Anguilla. Savannah Bay is a shallow and sandy shoreline, one in which you can swim way out and still stand. Junks Hole, or Savannah Bay Anguilla is more of a cove with a Beach, but perfect none the less for both swimming and snorkeling. The area at Junks Hole, Savannah Bay area is pretty secluded and free of much development. There is one restaurant on Savannah Bay – the Palm Grove restaurants and accommodations are available at the nearby Breezy Windsong Villas. Junks Hole is often awash with beached litter and debris from the Atlantic Ocean hence the name ‘Junks Hole’.

To find Savannah Bay or Junks Hole in Anguilla, if you are coming from Airport road continue on past banks and the car rental and straight through the supermarket intersection. Continue up over the hill for about 3 miles and then into Island Harbour. ½ into beyond the village atop the hill turn left on top a wide graveled road that slope downwards, keep right and head towards lines of palm trees.