Anguilla’s Sandy Ground Beach is by far the most populated and active beach on Anguilla, often described by many as the lively beach. This busy Anguilla beach turns into a venue for a big fiesta in August during the Anguilla Boat Race, but otherwise as popular as Sandy Ground Beach may be, it is a favorite of sailors who use the Sandy Ground facilities for mooring and anchoring boats.

A popular spot on Sandy Ground is Johnnos, one of the liveliest spots in Anguilla. Beach hangout spots provide live music and good food and drinks during the week. Sandy Ground Beach is in the areas between North and South Hills at the top of Road Bay. At the higher end of the beach, Anguilla’s well known landmark – the slat pond- is found and there is a spit of land with village bar restaurants.

Anguilla beach accommodation on Sandy Ground Beach include guest houses, cottages and apartments; La Palma Guest House and Restaurant, Pelican Villas, Bay View Studio Apartment, Mariners Resort and View, which are among the best hotels in Anguilla. Beach atmosphere at Sandy Beach is incredible with real Caribbean flavor, while vendors can be found along the coastline selling food distinct to Anguilla. Beach restaurants are great and include Ripples Restaurant, Barrel Stay, Ship Galley, Bits and Bits.

Coming from the West End hotels follow the main road east to the roundabout. Turn left, go down the hill, drive past the salt pond which would be on your left, now turn right where all the arrows are pointing left! If you continue to the north end of the village and follow the gravel road along the pond, you will pass the Green Cuisine greenhouses, the old well (still working) and the Road Well Cafe, returning to the main road near Anguilla Rums.