rendezvousRendezvous Beach is the longest Anguilla beach and faces the island of St. Martin. Described as a unique Anguilla beach, Rendezvous Bay Beach is beach perfection. White sandy shores surrounded by palm trees, coconut trees and wild sea grape trees. People gather at this Rendezvous Bay Beach in Anguilla to frolic and have fun. Beach vacation seekers can enjoy snorkeling as a major feature of Rendezvous Bay.

Accommodations on Rendezvous Beach, Anguilla, come in the form of Anguilla Beach Resorts and Anguilla hotels. The Cuisinart Resort and Spa, Rendezvous Bay Hotel, The Anguilla Great House Beach Resort and Dune Preserve are some of the accommodations available. Restaurants include the Dune, a hip beach bar and restaurant with great entertainment, Bankie Banks, Cedar Grove. Beach umbrellas and lounge chairs are available from various vendors at very affordable rates.

Moonsplash, the annual music celebration is held at the Dune Preserve at Rendezvous Beach. This is a four day affair is and features the talent of local and international musicians.

To get to Rendezvous Bay Beach, one must take the main road for the Anguilla great house which is between South Hill Plaza and CuisinArt and the road will take you straight to the beach.