Mimi Beach in Anguilla is a small isolated beach on the south east coast and is better for picnicking or sightseeing than it is for swimming. Mimi Beach is tucked away in a most romantic setting but swimming on this Mimi beach in Anguilla is recommended for strong swimmers. There are no restaurants or accommodations on Mimi Beach and the access road to Mimi Beach is a bit on the rough side and a four wheel drive vehicle is highly recommended.

If heading to Mimi Beach, Anguilla, starting from the airport parking lot, exit and turn left onto Airport Road, go straight past Island Car Rentals, and turn right at the light by Lake’s Super Market. Follow this road through the Quarter and the Farrington. At the roundabout, go right to Sandy Hill. A few miles on, the East End Clinic will be on the right (with the East End Pond on your left), take the next right onto another paved road. Go up a slight hill and take the first left on a dirt road. Follow that road to the coast, ignoring all tempting left forks and keeping to the right.