Limestone Bay is located on the northern coast of Anguilla. Beach activities at Limestone Bay in Anguilla are recommended, but people are mostly advised to swim there only if they are strong swimmers. Limestone Bay beach in Anguilla has rocks at either ends which provide the perfect spot for adventure and exploration. Limestone Bay is a favorite among locals for typical Anguilla beach picnics organised by families. The beach is used by turtles and iguanas as a nesting spot. The Limestone Bay café which sits right on the beach provides great tasting snacks, drinks and food.

If you wish to get to Limestone Bay beach in Anguilla while visiting there, drive up Coronation Road past the Public Works and Koal Keel Restaurant and go to the top of the hill, where a right turn takes you onto a paved road that dips down into a valley and goes back up. Follow this road until it dead ends at Limestone Bay.