Dropsey Bay (Jobsie Bay) in Anguilla is a spectacular cove that pretty much just springs out of nowhere. It is a very secluded and intimate Anguilla Beach, and is not an Anguilla beach visited by many. There is a small cave and an underwater bridge. This site is perfect for snorkeling. There are no hotels, villas or restaurants on Dropsey Bay in Anguilla; the perfect Anguilla beach for a romantic or intimate getaway. Chances are you will be the sole visitor to this bay. Swim with caution for although the beach is protected by reefs, the area is known for its strong currents, especially in the cave and underwater bridge.

Dropsey Bay beach is to the south of the Caribbean Beacon tower. From the airport, go onto Airport road, past car rental and banks. Turn right at the supermarket. Several miles on turn down the Long Pond bay road. There is a track like road which will require ATV or 4WD follow along the southern edge of Long pond and a left will take you to the coast.