Crocus-Bay-1Crocus Bay is the Anguilla beach closest to The Valley, on the north west of the island. The beach is great for swimming and snorkeling on Anguilla. Beach views are excellent and the sand quality is great at Crocus Bay. The Brooklands Island View Apartment located above the bay provides accommodations. A very popular restaurant Roy’s Seafood is on Crocus Bay. This small bar and restaurant is well known for its seafood, beers and a long happy hour.

This Anguilla bay is close to the Valley, the capital of Anguilla and is also the historic site of a known invasion by the French in 1745. It today serves as a protected harbor for yachts and fishing boats. Visitors to Crocus Bay appreciate the quiet and the tranquil setting of Crocus Bay in Anguilla.

From the airport parking lot, take the only exit, and turn left, go past the island car rental and the National Bank of Anguilla. Turn left at the lakes and drive through the Valley. Past Koal Keel Restaurant and drive directly to the top of the hill with Lloyds Guest House and you will drive to the slope of the beach, parking is available next to Roy’s Seafood restaurant on Crocus Bay.