cove2Cove Bay beach in Anguilla is located on Anguilla’s west end. This Cove Bay beach is very peaceful and is wonderful for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling in Anguilla. Cove Bay Beach accommodation is not available but the picturesque bay is sometimes dotted with fishing boats anchored along its shore. Different from other beaches in Anguilla, Cove Bay has no hotels or any major residential development on it but Paradise Cove and Cap Juluca are within walking distance from the Cove Bay beach. Smokey’s, a local restaurant invites visitors to its friendly restaurant service and delicious gourmet meals while. Anguilla beach accommodation is also located not too far away from Cove Bay at the Round House.

To arrive at Cove Bay beach, Anguilla: From the main gas station in west end, turn south towards the island of St. Martin, a straight drive takes you onto Cove Bay.