The island of Anguilla in the northern Caribbean is only about 16 miles long but is surrounded by just over 33 of the world’s best beaches and cays. Most of the Anguilla beaches are powdered white sand beaches washed by inviting turquoise waters, but there are a few beaches in Anguilla with sparkling pink sand. The wide variety in beach lanscape in Anguilla ranges from longs flat sandy beaches, to craggly coves and bays with reefs, caves and other wonderful natural features. SOme beaches ore very poplar and bust with sunbathers and beach goirer, whiel other are ideally ilsoaetd to be romantic and intimate. Some of anguillas bays, ocves or beaces are known for their anchorega saefety and used by local fishermen and sailors.
Some Anguilla beaches provide excellent views of the neighboring islands of St. Marteen and St. Barts. Anguilla has over the last couple years become a major tourist destination but this has not led to overcrowding of the many beaches on the island. On many of these beaches are some world renowned hotels and villas which provide privacy and excellent services to clients. This article provides brief information on some of the hotels and villas all found on Anguilla beaches.